Unfortunately there isn't one easy answer. Below is a brief list of the Pros and Cons of both so the individual reader can decide what is best for them. For the record ... please don't use a blow torch type butane lighter. Matches Pro's  

Pipes are like shoes in many respects. What is attractive and comfortable to one person might be all wrong for another. From a technical stand point, here are a few considerations. Straight pipes tend to burn a little more evenly, cleanly and perh

The art of pipe smoking is the oldest form of tobacco use, and the one most often overlooked by the modern smoker. In this day and age of instant gratification and fast-paced living, replete with instant coffee and five-minute cigarettes, the pipe re

BORKUM RIFF ORIGINAL Selected quality, bright aromatic virginia and rich cool-smoking Burley tobaccos are blended by a special process to create a mixture that is soft, yet retains an exquisitely natural taste and aroma, enhanced with the fines